About us

We are a young company holding a few cool, diverse, and scalable startup projects. We are focused on Luxury Tourism, Sports & Entertainment, and Internet based services.
We are located worldwide, because we live on the Internet, on a plane, we live connected. Landed on our planet earth, we usually spent more time in Spain.

Apart of that, we like to say that we are always willing to listen new ideas, even crazy ideas. If you think you have a remarkable idea that is worth incubating, do not hesitate to share it with us. We will be very happy to revise it and share our knowledge with you.

We invite you to check our projects to know more about what we are doing.

  • SoccerShow Worldwide | (Web site update coming soon)
  • 10Experiences – Beyond Luxury Tourism | WebSite Coming Soon
  • Football Projects by S2G | Sport Marketing Agency specialized in Professional Football & Footballers (New website coming soon)
  • Shake2Get! Creative | Web & Marketing Agency for Companies & Professionals